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What theme would you like to see in my future artworks? 

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Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 1, 2015, 1:58 AM

The very first day of 2015! :dance:

I can't believe 2014 is already over. Time really flies.

It's been a while since I updated anything here. Before I upload my first artwork in 2015, I'll write down a few things I want to accomplish this year:

- Draw more pictures
- Read more books
- Write a multi-chapter story

So how's everybody doing these days? What's your New Year's Resolutions?

No matter what you plan for this year, I do hope you guys are having a good time celebrating the beginning of 2015.

Happy New Year! :D



Congrats to the winners of :iconcybertronians:'s August 2014 Challenge! :clap:

:trophy: 1st Place Winner: :iconrookiecomics07:

First Day of  High School by rookiecomics07

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Robin Williams R.I.P by rookiecomics07 Sideburn RID Vehicle Mode colours Requested by rookiecomics07 The Joy Of Song by rookiecomics07 Canceling the Apocalypse vision 2 by rookiecomics07 I Rule the World Now by rookiecomics07 Welcome to my Lair by rookiecomics07

:trophy: 2nd Place Winner: :iconkalascee:

school yard rumble by kalascee

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a good book by kalascee betterdays by kalascee blast by kalascee Duststorms by kalascee neh rex up for adopt by kalascee stay by kalascee

:trophy: 3rd Place Winner: :iconfunkymonkey19:

Humanformers First day of schoolElita, a strawberry blonde haired woman with kind blue eyes quietly opened the door to her son's room.
"Wakey, wake. Time to get up, it's the first day of school." She said, lightly giving the six year old a little nudge.
The sandy haired occupant gave a soft groan before pulling the blanket over his head, followed shortly by a muffled reply. "I don't want to go to school, it's evil."
Elita chuckled. "You really shouldn't listen to your cousins. Get up, breakfast is ready."
Bee gave another groan before sitting up and stretching, his short blond hair sticking out in every directions. He yawned before getting out of bed and leaving the bed room.
x x x
Optimus, a dark haired, blue eyed man with a mustache and the makings of a scruffy beard, folded down the top of his news paper and smiled when he saw Bumblebee enter the dining room.
"Well good morning, sleepy head." He greeted as he sat down next to the high chair where his baby sister was messily eating Cheerios.
"Morning, dad." Bee rep

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Tenshineko01's contest entry by FunkyMonkey19 Moonscar by FunkyMonkey19 Swiftstar Founder of Swiftclan by FunkyMonkey19 Savage by FunkyMonkey19 Akasha by FunkyMonkey19 Tyrant in heatGalvatron growled as he pushed his way through the grove of thick tree, he had left his ship to get away from everyone, but being in the middle of nowhere was not what he had in mind. The branches snapping in his face and scratching his paint only served to make his already foul mood worse.
Being in heat was not helping matters either, it made him restless and uncomfortable, not to mention insanely horny. The scent from his heat cycle had been driving his troops into a lust-filled stupor, just one of the many reasons he left. That and being gang-banged by several Decepticons was not on his to-do list, as tempting as that sounded.
He simply wanted to find a nice quiet place where he could work out his heat cycle alone, preferably, somewhere that did not have so many blasted trees! Thankfully, the trees have way to an open area; on the far side of the clearing was the opening to a cave.
"Finally, a place I can take care of this mess in peace." He muttered as he clumped towards the cave.

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Detention by LadySilverstreak Pokemon!!! by LadySilverstreak The Power of One: Alt Modes by LadySilverstreak Ratchet rebukes Miko by FrancescaNekoryu Ratchet, science teacherIt was the first day of school in Jasper, Nevada. Boys and girls were both happy to meet their schoolmates again, and unhappy about the end of the holydays. Ratchet activated his holoform, ready to give his first lecture in science. He looked like a man in his late forties with short tawny hair and white wisps. He wore a blue shirt, grey trousers and a lab coat. A pair of glasses enhanced the severe expression of his blue eyes.
“I agree the recent improving in Decepticon activity is going to put the kids in danger more than usual” Ratchet thought annoyed. “I understand other Autobots are very busy and this situation is going to be temporary but…” He frowned. “If you didn’t be my commander, Optimus, I would throw one of my wrenches on your helm.”
The Autobot came in the classroom and the kids suddenly were silent.
– Good morning – he began. - My name is Ratc…ehm…Richard Lenton and I’m goin
Transformers Prime. Optimus Prime by FrancescaNekoryu


Congrats to the winners of :iconcybertronians:'s September 2014 Challenge! :clap:

:trophy: 1st Place Winner: :iconladyironhide:

When I grow up, I want to be... by LadyIronhide

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Sweet Rims by LadyIronhide Dimensiones pelvis femininae by LadyIronhide Autobot Insignia -  Nebula Prime OC (AU) by LadyIronhide Roll out! by LadyIronhide A lift home by LadyIronhide Rock Doc - digital repaint by LadyIronhide

:trophy: 2nd Place Winner: :iconkalascee:

first day detention by kalascee

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:trophy: 3rd Place Winner: :iconrookiecomics07:

Education is the key to the Future by rookiecomics07

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Sad  Arcee by rookiecomics07 Birthday Request for 10Gabi17 by rookiecomics07 Trick or Treat by rookiecomics07 Dancing Beauties by rookiecomics07 Bubble Dance by rookiecomics07 Raven Katswell by rookiecomics07

And here're some lovely art/literature works from all the other participants . . .

239 by 569413 242 by 569413 Little Bee by spiketail94 Clouds by spiketail94 First Day by T-M-Wolf Chibi!OP by T-M-Wolf

Please go visit their dA pages and give them some dA love! :heart:


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