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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 16, 2014, 10:27 AM

Two weeks since the deadly gas-pipeline explosion in Taiwan.

On July 31, a series of explosions occurred in Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. That night, the city was a blazing inferno. 30 people were killed while more than 300 people were injured.

I've been to Kaohsiung many times. It was a beautiful city. Now those streets I used to stroll on are destroyed beyond recognition. The road is now a trench. Buildings collapsed. The scene is like a war zone.

Then we realized that we're never safe. The pipeline system underneath our feet is a tangled mess. No one can ensure our safety because neither the government nor the entrepreneurs want to shoulder the responsibility by supervising/controlling the complicated underground pipeline/sewage system.

More video files came out during these days. My family and I watched the news in horror as those explosions set the city aflame. Michael Bay knows nothing about explosions. Compared to the real disaster, those "epic" explosions loved by his fans are merely cheap fireworks show.

I don't understand why some people take delight in seeing things explode. After this deadly explosion that scarred my country, I know I will never get myself to enjoy those explosion scenes in Bay's TF movies. The tragedy of this gas explosion is too much.

So many horrible things happened this year. A college student killed 4 passengers and injured many other innocent people in the Taipei subway stabbing spree. In a storm, an airplane crashed on Penghu, killing 48 people in total. Now this gas explosion has infused more fear into us.

The international news isn't faring any better. An airplane was hijacked and went missing. Another airplane was shot down by a missile. The Air Algeria plane crash. The spreading Ebola crisis. The Gaza war. The Ferguson shooting. It's like some kind of strong negative energy is taking over the world we live in.

But we still need to move on. Life is fleeting and humans are fragile, and that's why we need to cherish every moment of our lives. 

For people who left comments/notes but never got any reply, I'm sorry for the procrastination. I rarely have time to use the Internet nowadays, and it's difficult to reply all of these messages in time. If you're expecting a proper reply or an answer to your question, please be patient and bear with me. I'll try to respond to you as soon as possible.

I hope you guys are all doing alright this summer. May the joy and happiness around you today and always.


Congrats to the winners of :iconcybertronians:'s October 2013 Challenge! :clap:

:trophy: 1st Place Winner: :icondecepticonflamewar:

The Hateful MoonThe whole thing started the last day we spent in jail for the hologram heist. The front door woke us up; I yawned and stretched, but Myles grumbled and rolled over.
Deputy Barney greeted us, then got us our breakfast. The food there is usually pretty good; it's definitely better than Myles' cooking. He doesn't think so, though; Myles liked to say you wouldn't feed it to a dog. And of course, since the town's only fireman got bitten by a dog on call, he'd taken to saying you wouldn't feed it to Kade. I didn't mind the food, except the egg and cheese sandwiches. I was just about to scrape the tangy cheese off mine when I heard the front door again. I froze in my tracks, and Myles stopped chewing. He had heard it, too. We both knew who it was.
"Morning, Chief!"
"Morning, Barney."
There was only one person who ever came to the jail aside from Barney, and that was Chief Charlie Burns. You'd think the Chief of Police would be at the jail more, but he was usually too busy off doing rescues wi

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:trophy: 2nd Place Winner: :iconnovakcat:

TFP Halloween Party     “Hey, Knock Out, what’s taking you?” Smokescreen yelled in the basic direction of the medical bay. “I thought you wanted to come to the Halloween party with us!”
     “Of course I do,” a smooth voice replied. A second later a red mech stepped out into the hallway wearing a gladiator’s victory cape that had ancient Cybertronian glyphs written in sparkling silver on it.
      Smokescreen laughed. “Oh man, tell me you’re not going out like that!”
     Knock Out frowned as he walked past Smokescreen. “My costume shows off my good features, unlike yours, ‘emperor of destruction’.”
     “That’s Emperor Smokescreen to you, pal,” Smokescreen corrected. He stood a little taller at the title he had just given himself. His own cape, though heavier and thicker

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Welcome to Robot Hell by NovakCat A Deal by NovakCat Best Buds by NovakCat Ask Mal - Bored (Questions are closed) by NovakCat Knock Out and I by NovakCat Time for Your Check-Up by NovakCat

:trophy: 3rd Place Winner: :iconreshiracat:

TFA Apple Orchard    “All right, is everyone here?” Optimus Prime asked, glancing around at the ‘bots who were standing in front of him.
    “Well I’m here,” Bumblebee spoke up, pointing at himself.
    “Uh, yeah. I’m here too,” Bulkhead said from behind the smaller robot. 
    “Ve are being here!” Jetfire and Jetstorm said in unison. Sentinel Prime, who was standing a little way away from the rest of the group, just grumbled something under his breath.
    Optimus smiled at the other Prime.
    “Oh, cheer up, Sentinel. A little bit of nature will be good for you.”
    The blue and orange Prime just grumbled something else unintelligible under his breath and turned away.
    Optimus sighed, wishing that Sentinel would loosen up a bit. He didn’t want t

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Robot Devil Day by ReshiraCat Deadly Duo by ReshiraCat Happy Easter from The Avengers and Co. by ReshiraCat Masters of Spinjitzu by ReshiraCat The Hobbit- DoS by ReshiraCat Autohumans by ReshiraCat

And here're some lovely art/literature works from all the other participants . . .

Humanformers Halloween partyIt was Maelstrom's frist Halloween party, and his mother was dressing the three year old up as a pumpkin.
"How look?" The toddler asked.
"Adorable, Shockwave, come in here."
A tall thin man with amber eyes walked into the room and smiled a little when he saw his wife and son.
"Well, aren't you handsome," Shockwave said then ruffled his son's already untidy hair, something he got from his mother. "Dear, you should be getting for the party. We don't want to late."
"We still have plunty of time, the party doesn't start for an hour." Savage replied.
"I know, I want to get there early before Bumblebee does. Her idea of a good time at a party is to spike the punch with hard liquor so everyone gets drunk and sleeps with inappropriate people."
"Hey!" Savage said with mock hurt in her dark brown eyes. "That's how you and I got together. Besides, Bee's really mellowed out now that she's expecting twins."
"That is true, Rowan must be excited. But Primus only knows what kind of costume Bee will sh
Starting Over A Crossover fanfic Ch. 1After being released from the hospital, Jane headed straight for home, it was going to be a long walk but she didn't mind, she could use the fresh air after being in recovery for three days. She had just turned a corner when a carriage pulled up behind her.
The woman flinched at the unexpected voice, she was quite jumpy, she had always been like that when coming out of any hospital.
Having recognized the voice, she turned and saw her long time friend Dr. Delbert Doppler. She managed a small smile when he approached from the carriage.
He took her hand in his, a worried look on his dog like face. "Are you alright? I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner, I was swamped at work."
"It's quite alright, Delbert."
"No, it's not. He hurt you again, didn't he?"
Her silence was his answer.
He gave her hand a squeeze. "You can't keep going back to him, he'll hurt you again. Possibly kill you."
"I know I'm leaving him. There's a ship at the space port in need of a Map Maker, some one who c
Moonscar by FunkyMonkey19 Pumpkin Mayhem (Competition entry)"Why are humans always so excited about this 'Halloween'?" Ironhide asked from where he was sat under his favourite oak tree.
"Halloween is great" Rebecca replied with a smile from where she sat beside his left leg "you get to dress up as whatever you want and go trick-or-treating, or in my case carving a pumpkin and watching late night horror films"
"You carve a vegetable?" 'Hide asked raising an optic ridge.
"It might sound silly, but really it's not" the nineteen year old replied with a smile "you can be as creative as you want when carving a pumpkin"
Ironhide nodded slowly "I see" he replied "and where can you find these 'pumpkins'?"
"Well everyone always buys them from the supermarket" Rebecca said "as for me, I go to a pumpkin patch as there's more of a choice"
'Hide nodded a little "I see" he replied "give me a minute" he searched the internet for the nearest pumpkin patch, there was one that was a ten minute drive from the house. He downloaded the directions and looked at his C
Bumblebee Wallpaper by Skrillexia-TF Jazz Wallpaper by Skrillexia-TF


Congrats to the winners of :iconcybertronians:'s February 2014 Challenge! :clap:

:trophy: 1st Place Winner: :iconrookiecomics07:

Do You want to build a Showmech? by rookiecomics07

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:trophy: 2nd Place Winner: :iconphoenixphlox:

Decepticon Snowball by PhoenixPhlox

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Twisted by Seer-Cat Lil Luv for Lil Bub by Seer-Cat Bucky vs Ultron chibi fight by Seer-Cat Kaori Chibi by Seer-Cat Winter Soldier by Seer-Cat s-2 alpha by Seer-Cat

:trophy: 3rd Place Winner: :iconladyironhide:

First snow by LadyIronhide

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Decepticon Insignia - The Zeroiden by LadyIronhide Lowering fever by LadyIronhide Sectiones mediansagittale et frontale cerebri by LadyIronhide Dimensiones pelvis femininae by LadyIronhide Roll out! by LadyIronhide Jump by LadyIronhide

And here're some lovely art/literature works from all the other participants . . .

His Imperfect Hands (Transformers: Bay Films)His engine felt stiff, and the grit of the salt scratched at his chest, but he pressed on, eager.
The convoy of two cut through the snowy muck as easily as they cut through Decepticons. Behind them, an unfamiliar semi had fallen into formation, putting Bumblebee in the rocking chair. Optimus felt relief that they they could save him some strain there, the new Mrs. Witwicky having run the scout cold only a few days prior. Optimus had expected him to sit this “mission” out, feeling a twinge of guilt that Bumblebee should follow in his folly. Still, Optimus wondered if he himself were equipped for the journey, as he found his own engines struggling in the cold. Earth's weather had proven stern, but age had been far more unkind to him.
Finally their exit came, so he turned on his signal. The other truck’s driver commented on the citizen's band, but Optimus dared not reply: speaking would blow their cover, and besides, putting a foreign head of state on those channels viol
The Loyal Opposition (Predacons Rising)The little mech seemed different, but maybe they all had.
It always started the same way: He had stood there, watching the Autobot patrols, when one of them, the youngest, newest one, looked right at him.
Usually, they jumped and shouted, asking what was there or calling for their commanding officer with panic in their voices.
This one hadn’t.
This one had turned and asked, in a voice as smooth as metal, “Did anyone else see that? No? Something moved behind that pillar.”
The little bronze mech was just like all the others, though, underneath his calm demeanor. As soon as Bumblebee dismissed his concerns, he sneaked off toward Soundwave, passing through him, shuddering. Soundwave started back toward camp, and the mech followed.
This one might have been braver than the others, or maybe he was more foolish. He didn’t cry out at every noise behind him, or jump when he saw a patrol. He turned and looked every time Soundwave got too close, and a few times he asked, ca
Earth has it's Moments. by Everon-Prime Kara by Everon-Prime Fun in the SnowIt was 6am and Ratchet was in a peaceful recharge, completely oblivious to anything other than a Decepticon attack. So he didn't see a dark figure with icy blue optics standing beside the berth, next thing he knew something freezing cold hit him right on the aft making him squeak as he jumped out of recharge. Another cold object hit him in the chest and he squeaked again as he tried to grab the blanket, but it wasn't on the berth. Another cold object got him in the face and he squeaked again as he tried to shield himself from the cold projectiles being thrown at him, when they had stopped he heard the laughter of his Bondmate and looked at him "'Hide!" he said.
Ironhide laughed as he put the bucket down "Your face!" he replied.
"Yes my face! What the frag was that?" the Medic asked.
"Snow" 'Hide replied with a smirk "it was forecast it last night, and I knew that you'd never really experienced snow as you're always in your I showed you"
Ratchet raised an eyebrow "Oh really?
Skidz and Mudflap composition by Skrillexia-TF Her first Winterthe young femme coughed as mist came out of her mouth, her audial fins were pinned back against against her skull; she was never one for cold so, she had a blue blanket around her frame. she watched the human children play in what snow that New england had. a big figured loomed over her small frame she squeaked as her sparkling frame was pulled up to her carriers chest with a small chirp she looks up at him. her small tail flicked lightly as her carrier smiled down at her. “are you alright my young spark?” his baritone voice washed over her smaller frame, her own bi-colored optics lookup at him with such innocence that was scarcely found in war.
she gave him a chirp in reply, a smile crossing her faceplates. “amma.” she coos as she clutches to his massive red plating. “yes, i am here young one.” he looked out to where miko was seeming to have a blast in the snow, jack was playing with raf as well in a mini snow ball fight. he doesn’t know how h
Vezh fin saja rhaesheseres by Rebels-Landing-NZ Enjoying winter"It never snows in Jasper and its December!" Miko complained with a huff.
"Well, that's what happens when you move to the "entertainment" capital of the world." Jack replied.
Miko rolled her eyes and started playing with her phone.
Raphael was nearby, as ever playing around on his computer.
"It might be snowing in Oregon," The young girl said a few moments later. "Think Ratchet will ground bridge us there if we asked?"
"I doubt it." Raph said before doing a bad impression of the good doctor.
"The Ground Bridge isn't a toy; it's used for mission and emergencies only."
Jack and Miko laughed as the young boy waved a ruler around like a wretch for added flare.
After the laughter died down, Jack checked his phone for the time.
"Well, time for me to go." He announced then proceeded to get bundled up.
"What I don't get is that Jasper gets crazy cold, yet it never snows." Miko pointed out.
"Snow doesn't stick to dry surfaces, it doesn't rain that often." Jack told her once his gloves were on.
Akasha by FunkyMonkey19 Transformers: Out of the ColdTitle: Transformers: Out of the Cold
Universe: G1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is for the Flash Fan Fiction Friday theme “winter.” It's been so cold here that this was very easy for me to visualize. Word count: 423
Thundercracker had experienced many climate extremes in his long existence. The world they currently resided on normally had a mild climate variance. Currently, however, the planet had brought its full wrath upon the trine. Wind shrieked. Wet, heavy snow whipped through the air, clogging their systems and weighing them down. Ice buildup had forced them to seek shelter before their inner mechanisms froze.
Starscream found the cave they currently huddled in. The Air Commander had plenty of experience with finding shelter from his earlier vorns as an explorer (and from angering Megatron countless times). Once inside, he collapsed the overhanging snow in front of the entrance. They could teleport or blast their way out later.
All they c
Transformers: ConcealmentTitle: Transformers: Concealment
Universe: G1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is for the Flash Fan Fiction Friday theme “Fun and Games”. So, here we have a nice, lighthearted theme, and this is what I come up with. Yeah... Word count: 500
“You're standing out too much,” Starscream said, vocals raised over his turbines as he landed.
Thundercracker scanned his hidden perch, overlooking the remnants of the battlefield below. Only the towering melted framework and a few blasted walls remained of the building he stood on. The structure groaned and shifted, threatening to topple at any time. Had he not been a flier, he would never have have remained up here. However, it granted the best vantage point of the Cybertronian city, Kalis.
On the ruined streets below, the rest of the Decepticons mingled, laughing and using rubble and prisoners as target practice.
“I'm concealed fine,” Thundercracker replied, gesturing at the irregular

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